[2010] Mikayla Milbourne: INEXPERIENCED DRIVERS

by VanBerkel
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[2010] Mikayla  Milbourne: INEXPERIENCED DRIVERS


YOUNG PEOPLE AND RISK TAKING:What is the focus/purpose of the campaign? The foucus of the campaign is for young people taking risks while driving, and that younger people have more risk of crashing because they are inexperienced. Who is the target audience? The target audience is for young people ages 16 to 25. How has this campaign been advertised to the public? This campaign has been advertsied to the public by people coming around to schools and talking about the risks of driving. Do you think this campaign has affected the problem positively?Yes i do think this campaign has affected the problem positively because after someone going around to different schools and talking and showing you videos of what could happen if you take risks while driving, it kind of scares young people and make them realise what really could happen. What are some of the limitations of this campaign?some limitations of the campaign are if you don’t have the right presenters it wont help the campaign. also if the presenter makes it boring, the young people will just turn off and wont take any of the information in so you have to make it interesting.



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