[2010] Josh Both: Glog-3883

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[2010] Josh  Both: Glog-3883

Phase 4 Emotive: You don't have to be drunk to be a drink driver

Research Questiona.What is the focus/purpose of the campaign?The focus of this campaign is to prevent more deaths on Australian roads caused to drink-drivingb.Who is the target audience/what is the target market?The target of this campaign are people,18 and over and people who drink.c.How has this campaign been advertised to the public?This campaign has been advertised to the public by TV commercial, radio ad and newspaper ad.d.Do you think this campaign has/will affect the problem positively?Yes i believe it would because who would want to feel guilty for every waking moment of there life.e.What are some of the limitations of this campaign?Some limitations of this campaign would be people might be zone out and people could just not care.



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