[2010] Aimee Hunter: wipe off 5 campaign

by VanBerkel
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[2010] Aimee Hunter: wipe off 5 campaign

Wipe off 5

The first Wipe Off 5 campaign was launched in August 2001.Aimed at Victorian motorists, the purpose of the campaign was to target the issue of low-level speeding.

Wipe Off 5 focuses on the fact that travelling only a few kilometres over the legal limit is not actually safe ...

The campaign contains 3 phases used to advertise to the public:- mass media advertising using radio, tv, billboards.- sponsorship, public relations.- police enforcement supported by publicity.

Since the campaign was introduced there has been huge improvements in peoples attitudes towards speeding.Research has reported a drop in average travel speeds in 60,70 and 80 km/h zones and the percentage of people who speed a majority of the time has dropped from 25% to 11%.

Driving 5 km/h slower can lessen the severity of the crash

The limitations of this campaign is that it only focuses on low-level speeding.


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