[2009] Drew Randon: Woodstock

by Commodore
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[2009] Drew Randon: Woodstock

Woodstock album cover

Woodstock poster

Nearly half a million people attended Woodstock 1969.

Michael Lang was a producer of Woodstock. He once said, "“We hope the feelings of peace and pleasure that were in this place, will follow out into the streets so all can share them.”

The New York thruway was closed because of Woodstock.

Jimi Henrix playing "Purple Haze"

Woodstock occurred in the summer of 1969. It was a music festival that lured almost half a million people. Woodstock accomplished many things and is a symbol of the 1960s hippie counterculture today. One thing that Woodstock 1969 did was introduce many new bands. Musicians such as Jimi Hendrix increased in popularity because of this music festival. Also, because of Woodstock the New York Thruway closed down. Streets were filled with thousands of people walking to this event. The main reason why Woodstock occurred was to have three days of music and peace. With about 500,000 people there, only one person is recorded to have died. Not only is Woodstock important to New York State history, it is also important in world history as well.

Woodstock 1969


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