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WOAH!!! This isn't me is it?!

Little did Raphael know, that he created great havoc in Earth near the end of the year...God was stirring awake, and so Raphael had to lay low and eventually forgot about Tristan and Vania.Nearing the end of the year, the two psychologists devised a very clever plan.They were going to start a heist! A robbery! Steal!But no one would find them, they'd have changed back to their normal selves living happily ever after.

Naturally, Tristan and Vania are shocked, shocked, shocked! But they're more excited that scared, anxious to experience their new lives for a bit. They go on living, discovering new pros and cons everyday.

Ladies, doesn't it sound great to sleep all day without being condemned?How about you gentlemen, having your door opened for you is just the best.

You can imagine the shock. Even the police, government, MI6 & scientists couldn't explain how they disappeared!



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