1st Trimester Scripture Project

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1st Trimester Scripture Project

I am The Lord your God; you shall not have strange gods before me.


What it Meant to the Israelites The commandment "I am The Lord your God; you shall not have strange gods before me" was the first one given to the Israelites. Back in the times of Moses, this commandment demanded that the Israelites break the old habits of worshipping Egyptian gods or being polytheistic and must instead focus on the one true God. It also keeps the chosen people from being idolatrous and commands them not to worship inanimate things, such as the golden calf they wrongfully worshipped. This first commandment was considered to be the basis for the commandments concerning God, since having a good relationship with Him and adoring Him alone is how you can follow the other commandments well. This commandment was so important for Israel at the time because it was the very beginning of the period in time when much of society was monotheistic. Since Israel was God's "first born" and His chosen people, it was important that first and foremost, they trust in Him and worship Him above all else.



Put God first, people second, and things third.

"For we have renounced the devil, and we have promised fidelity to God alone. This is a promise which we cannot break."  -St. Thomas Aquinas



Personal Reflection This first commandment was, in my opinion, one of the most important commandments of all, and continues to be this way, even in 2014. If we cannot follow God, worship Him, and keep Him as our main focus in life, how do we keep our lives on track and follow the rest of the commandments? Without God, sinful things don't seem so bad. Adultery, abortion, euthanasia, immodesty, and cheating are all starting to become acceptable things in our secularized society. It's pretty obvious that a lack of respect for The Lord is why society is focusing on unimportant, useless things. This commandment is especially important for teenagers. Our teen years are a time when we form our consciences and develop our virtues and values. Without this commandment, it is easy to put false gods before The Lord. Specifically nowadays, there are so many false idols: technology, sports, and celebrities, just to name a few. With so many temptations around us, we forget about God. But many people also fall into the trap of not fully understanding the first commandment. We think that "false gods" only means the polytheistic gods of the Egyptians, Greeks, or Romans, and therefore do not worry about living out the commandment. But that is a mistake. Living out this commandment isn't always easy. What is easy is to put God on the back burner: to "forget" prayer or to spend your Sunday hanging out with your friends instead of setting aside time to worship God. But it is also easy to put things back into perspective: God is the Creator of the universe, and all we have to do to communicate with him is pray. We must put God first in everything that we do: He is more important than being popular, looking cool, or our iPhones. Personally, I try to live out the first commandment by remembering to pray by myself everyday. Communicating with God through personal and unrehearsed prayers is how I feel closest to Him. Simply put, the first commandment reminds us that God should be the main focus in our lives. It has meant this from the time it was given to the Israelites. Even though our "false gods" may have changed through these years, the meaning of the commandment is still the same in 2014. God is our creator, our savior, and our father. Whenever we ignore this commandment, we are directly disrespecting The Lord. But whenever we obey it, we are paying the due amount of respect and reverence to God.

Interview with my father,John Lores

Kimberly LoresPeriod 3

What the First Commandment Means Today Today, this commandment means we should keep our prime focus on God. No longer does it only mean that we are to avoid polytheism. Now, it means we should not have any false gods, which are usually other people or inanimate objects. It also demands that we respect God as the Supreme Creator, and avoid sins like atheism.



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