Baseball in the 1950s

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Baseball in the 1950s

Who: Willie MaysWhat: The "Over the Shoulder Catch".When: September 29, 1954, during Game 1 of the 1954 World SeriesWhere: Polo Grounds Stadium in New York

Jackie Robinson


Jack Roosevelt Robinson or Jackie became the first African American to play in the MLB. He broke the color barrier by playing for the Dodgers from 1947 to 1956. Jackie was the first African American to be named MVP of the National League in 1949. He played in 6 World Series and won his first and only win in 1955 . Jackie gave other African Americans hope that they too could play sports professionaly.



Willie Mays The Catch

One of the most well known rivalries in Major Leauge Baseball is the Yankees and the Dodgers. The two teams have met 11 times in the World Series (More than any two teams in Major Leauge history). The rivalry origanted as a battle for New York with the Yankees playing in New York City and the Dodgers playing in Brooklyn. The Dodgers and the Yankees have not played in a World Series since 1981, however Yankee fans and Dodger fans are hopeful that their teams will meet each other in the 2013 World Series.



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