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Rainforest buds

hummingbirds eat pollen from brightly coloured flowers,small insects and spiders

The hummingbird lives in the canopy of the rainforest

The hummingbird's preditors are the Ocelot,Jaguars,Lion and Tiger

The Hummingbird can flap it's wings 80 times in 1 second!

KND is doing the hummingbird

Thanks to all those rainforest supporters.

The Rainforest is inportant to my animal becuase theres alot of insects,spiders and brightly coloured flowers for them to eat.Theres alot of trees for their nest.

A hummingbird has a long bill,very fast wings ,black shiny eyes and multie coloured body.


Amazing Hummingbirds of Canada

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The Tropical Rainforest Rap

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