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Mysteries of the Unknown

Why I chose Mysteries I chose to do mysteries because I love mysteries and what ever happened to them after so many years. I love watching shows about paranormal activity and shows that discover the unknown.

The Devil's Hole Cave In a little unknown village called self, there lies the devil's hole cave. The local people think that there's a lizard like man that lives in the cave. The owner about 90- 100 tears ago decided to check out the cave. He climbed down a rope a couple hundred meters down. The man heard hissing and felt scrathing on his legs. Years later he tried to throw a rope down into the cave and he felt pulling and hissing. He pulled up the rope and tied a stone to it. The owner threw it down once again and heard hissing and violent pulling. He pulled up the rope and the stone was gone. The rope was also frayed. Could this be the home to the Devil?

Bermuda Triangle Part 1 The Bermuda Triangle has many nicknames such as The Devil's Triangle, the Triangle of Death, the Voodoo Sea, and the Graveyard of the Atlantic

Bermuda Triangle Part 2: The disappearences started around September 16, 1950. Flight 19 was one of the first planes to disappear. The flight went missing on December 5, 1945. Right before the flight took off , Lt. Charles Taylor, the captain, didn't want to fly the plane. He had no choice but to fly the plane. The crew flying in the plane were torpedo bombers on a test flight. All of the 20 crew members disappeared and died. One of the search planes, called the PBM- 5, was right over the bermuda triangle and they exploded in mid- air. Many other planes and boats have disappeared. The three tips of the triangle are Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. People think that the disappearings happen due to the cause of natural forces. Some of the causes thought of are just human mistakes or complications due to compasses. Other reasons thought of are hurricanes, tropical storms, waves, and natural gases.

Easter Island- The mysteries behind easter island lay unsolved. Frequent questions about the island are ''who were the inhabitants?'' and ''how were the giant statues built?'' A dutch captain discovered eater island on easter day in 1722. The rapa nui ( easter island) was like a ghost town when it was discovered. The polynesians found 887 statues of heads on the island. They looked as if they had been carved out of the volcano. People think that the first inhabitants of the island were polynesian seafarers. They were probably guided by nature. Some people think that the seafarers first arrived around 400 A.D. There were two kinds of polyneisans, the long earred (rulers) and the short earred (slaves). The short earred people got irratated by their rulers and killed them. Food became scarce and cannabalism started. After a while the polynesians dissapeared.

My Theory Behind The Bermuda Triangle My theory behind the bermuda triangle is that there is a crack in the earth's crust right below the lines that make up the triangle. Magma comes out of the fault lines and in magma there is iron. Iron acts as a magnet and there are magnets in planes and boats that make the plane or boat move. The iron in the magma switches the boat or planes engine off therefore making the plane or boat crash.