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The internet can be a very useful tool to find new information. The internet also can be very dangerous if you dont know how to use it. You should never give out personal information such as your full name, social security number, home phone number, your home adress, and where you go to school!!!

There are many predators on the internet trying to get your information. You might be asking why can't I give out my personal information??? If you are on a chatroom and you start giving out your information, you are basically giving the predator what he wants. Some children get on chatrooms and start talking to some one they think is there age but actually are an old creepy man trying to make friends with you and it all gets down to where he's got you where he wants you and the consequences are worse than you could imagine!!! take a look at this video!

note- scroll 3/4 of the way down to the 1st video!

Do you play internet games where you can interact with other people??? If you do, you should watch out for what other players that are trying to get your personal information! they will act like there your friends, they might let you win. They will try all kinds of things, Gaming can be fun but it can sometimes be dangerous!!! If it ever gets to where a person is hurting you emotionly you need to report them to the maker of game and you should block them!!

to learn more about gaming click the blue blob!!!

cyberbulling- it can come in any thing, texting, being on chatrooms, and email. cyberbullying is being mean to people online. for example they threatin you, call you names, be mean to you, this is why its so important to not to give out personal information. just because you didnt tell them your info they can still get it off your facebook or myspace profile.

Phishing! Phishing is a scam where people send messages or pop ups trying to get your personal information or financial information. You can avoid this by NOT clicking on the links, or replying to the email!

If you have a facebook or myspace, can everyone see your information or can only your friends see your information? You can control this by editing your privacy settings. The privacy settings allows only your friends to see your information!