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The Great Gilly Hopkins. By: Katherine Paterson This book is really funny but also a little bit sad. Gilly would like for once to have a family of her own. She is an adopted girl who for the last 13 years has not had a proper family or a home. Photo From:

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Summary: Gilly Hopkins is just a normal 13 year old. But ever since she was a baby she has been up for adoption now she has yet another foster mom. Gilly has made it hard for her self yet again by getting off on the wrong foot. Trotter and her foster child William Ernest are just a normal family. They have to look after a blind man who lives up the road from them.

Favourite Part: My favouriten part is when Gilly tried to run away to her mother Courtney in California. But when the police catch her, it is all up to William Ernest to try to convince her to come home with himself and their foster mom Ma'am Trotter.

I think that this is a great book for girls. It is sad at certain moments but then the other bits are amazing.


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