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Immigration Lawyer

Advantages: helping people with immigration issues and salary. disadvantages: tedious process that takes place to win a case.

Most states will require the lawyer to have a bachelor’s degree or higher plus an additional three years of law school.

characteristics: to be knowledgeable of the laws of which the client is dealing with, firm in their case, and unbiased.

Immigration lawyers specialize in representing individuals that have dispute in immigration issues such as legal rights.

The career ladder which would involve this is mainly through obtaining your clientele and gaining recognition through your cases to earn more clients. Thus, meaning more business and income.

Types of employees you would seek would be secretaries, file processors, paralegals, etc. Occupations related to this job would be judges, magistrates, law clerks, title examiners, abstractors, and legal assistants.

You can get the education needed at many different types of universities such as Tulane University Law School.

average salary: $102,470


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