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Constitution Simile

The steering wheel is like the Constitution because as the steering wheel leads the car, the constitution leads America.

Seat belts in a car are like the Executive branch because as seat belts keep everyone in place, the Executive Branch keeps everyone in by enforcing laws.

The owners manual is like the People of America because as the owners manual tells you how to run the car, the people tell you how to run america.

The engine is like the Legislative Branch because as the engine has certain characteristics that determine how your car is gonna run, the Legislative Branch makes the laws the determine how the Country will run.

Air bags in a car are like the Judicial Branch because as the air bags stop people from accidents, the Judicial Branch can stop people in court.

The president is like the driver in a car because as the driver leads the car, The President leads the country.

The piston is like the Congress because as the pistion is part of the engine that makes the car run properly, the Congress is part of the Legislative Branch that helps the Legislative Branch do it's job.

The parking break in a car is like the Supreme Court because as the parking break is the final the thing that puts you in a complete stop, the Supreme Court is the final thing that either stops you or doesn't in court.

Oil for a car is like Checks and Balences because as oil makes your car keep running, Checks and Balences keep the government running.

The Seperation of Powers are like the seperate rows of seats in a van, they all go together they just have their diferent sections and duties.

The first module of a car is like the Articles of Confederation because as the car was the first new type of transportation, the Articles of Confederation we're the first new type of government.

Henry Ford is like James Maddison because as Henry Ford made one of the first cars as James Maddison was the primary creator to the first Constitution.

George Washington is like cruise control in a car because as George Washington lead the country, cruise control leads the car.

Shay's Rebellion is like putting a potato in the tail pipe of a car because doing that is a way to rebel against someone your mad at and Shay's Rebellion was a was for the farmers and others to rebel.

Karl Benz is like John Locke because as Karl Benz invinted the worlds first working automobile that changed the way people thought about transportation, John Locke came up with the theory of Enlightment which changed the way people thought of science as a part of life.


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