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"I Spy" By Alex L.

My favorite poem I wrote is called "I Spy". It is about a ship in the open ocean. It describes the scene in the painting "Meeting Brig Mercury with the Russian Squadron". When we had the assigment to do ekphrastic poetry, I saw this painting and fell in love with it because I thought it was so beautiful.

"I Spy" From the dock I spy a vessel far into the open ocean. The wind fills its off – white sails to their fullest and my hair lashes my face. I shiver. Though it is cold, the sun shines, turning a section of waves a glittering gold. The sky is a bright blue and the sea is dark with small waves everywhere. The ship looks small in the distance, but I can glimpse the captain, standing proud by the front of the vessel spying through his looking glass. I can tell this ship has many tales to tell, for if it was new, its hull would be shining. How I would like to be aboard that great sailing vessel, feeling the sea spray my whole body.

I think this poem is my best because it is very discriptive. It has a lot of imagery. I used lots of details including the weather, what my surroundnigs were, and what I felt. I also described the captain that I could see on the ship. When I read it over, I really liked how the poem sounded when I read it aloud.

The writing process itself din't take that long for this poem. Before I wrote it, I obsserved everything I saw in the painting. I made sure I looked at it twice to see if I missed anything. Then I wrote down what I saw. I checked it over and made it sound more like a poem. After that, I revised it some more and looked for spelling errors and made line breaks. Then it was finished!

There were many lines from my poem that I really liked. There was one in particular that I liked the most. My favorite one was "How I would like to be aboard that great sailing vessel, feeling the sea spray my whole body." This phrase uses alliteration in "sea spray". It also tells what the persona desires. My favorite word in my poem is "spy". I love the way it sounds and it is also a lot better than saying "see" or "look". "See" and "look" are too general in meaning compared to "spy".


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