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Alyssa N.

My poem is called “Yellow Murder Tape.” It’s about a crime scene investigation and what a crime scene means. I wrote about it because I’m a CSI and NCIS addict, and I thought it would be kind of creepy and scary.

This poem is my best because it has a lot of repetition and rapid fire in it. I repeat the word "Means someone's." It goes fast and you'll want to read it again and again. It gets you going and it's all "I'm not afraid and I'm willing to hurt people so I don't get caught, be aware..."

This poem took me ten minutes to write, I wrote the first line and the rest was the keyboards doing. When I revised it I took out all of the unimportant words which made the poem shorter but better.

My favorite line in this poem is “Means they have the guts to kill…” because it’s a scary last line which keeps you up all night clutching your covers when you hear a noise. My favorite word is “Consequences” because it makes you say to yourself "What consequences?"

Yellow Murder Tape

Yellow Murder Tape Yellow murder tape Means there’s a case Means someone’s been killed Means someone’s on the loose Means someone’s running Means someone’s hiding Yellow murder tape A sign that says “I’m not afraid to hurt.” “You won’t find me” “I’m not afraid of consequences” Yellow murder tape Means someone’s mad Means someone’s scared Means someone’s out there Means they have the guts to kill… Means they’re waiting…


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