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That's Where I am From

The name of my poem is “That’s Where I am From” and it is about my life, my family and my home. My inspiration of this poem was a school assignment I received as homework, so I ended up writing a poem about it.

By Anthony D.

This is my best poem because it has a lot hyperbole, which is exaggeration. Also my poem rhymes, making it even better. The rhyming makes the poem catchy and sweet, while the strong words like deafening instead of loud make the poem notice able and funny. That is why I picked this poem.

The revising process was very easy; as a matter of fact I did not need to revise. And it was in perfect condition from the beginning. Although writing it was hard, writing it was very hard because I had to find all these strong words. And then stronger ones that rhyme with them.

My Favorite word in this poem is feral. The word feral means Animals or plants that live or grow in the wild after having been domesticated. I like it because it describes my dog Divot. Here is the word in a sentence. I ran through the wilderness, a small creature, my cat lives here. He became feral so I was forced to let him go, he was a good cat.

Bitter mornings, Boiling afternoons To rocky dunes That’s where I am from From feral pets To deafening jets That’s where I am from From delicious foods To pleasant moods That’s where I am from From happy times To brainless crimes That’s where I am from From bored to tears To amusing cheers That’s where I am from From mom and dad To nothing sad

My Favorite line would be the line where it says “to brainless crimes” It is the 12th line from the top. I like it because it reminds me of myself because I am a klutz, so it makes me laugh at the funny, stupid, klutzy things I do.

That's where I am from


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