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Ad Analysis

By Nicole Schmidt

The emotions that this ad shows are very common and distinctive. This ad shows that it is self-esteem. This shows that because it wants you to feel good about yourself and to feel confident wearing the shoes. It also shows to be associations because it is showing a positive symbol of he shoe.

This ad is for the brand Reebok. This ad is for a shoe called Reezig.

The ad technique used in this ad was vague. I really didn't see anything else. It is vague bacause it doesn't tell you much and there isn't much info about where to go to get it. And the only way to really know is to check a stor soon because it tells you that the show is hitting stores soon. The ad gives you the brand and the name of the shoe, and that is about as much information that it gives.

The main audiance for this ad would have to be men. I would say this because it says "mens" right in the ad. And the shoe also looks to be a male shoe anyways. The age could very because the size of the shoe would also depend so, the age could be from 13 to 40.

The way the ad is set up is visually apealing. The main thing that stands out is the shoe in the center. The reason they put it there is so you would remember it the shoe. Another thing they would want you to remember is that it is for men and the orange they way it stands out from the black. The certin words that are in color also stand out and the ad makers want you to remember taht to.

I feel that the ad is affective to a point. It is affective if the person is looking for the shoes and wants the shoes. I think it would be affective if someone was looking to shoes to workout in. It may be affective to someone who is just looking through ads and sees it but if the person is not looking to buy shoes the chances that the person will go out and buy the shoes is low.

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