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The first fleet

The Crimes In England, around 1788 some of the people stole food, jewellery, clothes and animals because they didn’t have anything. Some of the people who stole went to jail in England and some were sent to the hulks and sent to Australia. The Hulks The hulks were floating jails that had heaps of people who committed crimes in England. They were very cold and smelly. They had lots of sick people on them because they didn’t eat much and the biccies were mouldy and the water was dirty. Lots of people died on them. The Journey 11 ships left England to Australia and it was crowded. There were women, men and children convicts on board. The trip took 8 months on the boats. They stop at Tenerife and Cape Town, Brazil and Sydney Cove.

This is a map of the first fleet.

The H.M.S Supply The H.M.S Supply had no convicts on baond. Only had has live stonck.

Captain Arthur Phillip captained the First Fleet.

the 11 ships names are: Alexander Prince of wales Lady penrhym Scarborough Friendship charlotte H.M.S Supply The Golden Grove H.M.S. Sirius The Borrowdale The Fishburn

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