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A bit about term two

Bike Ed

Term Two Reflection


Maths, Literacy and Inquiry

In term two I have earnt my pen license, earnt my own blog, had two great friends Millie and Paris, had a great student teacher Miss Smith, won the rugby grand finals, done bike ed, had a great teacher Miss Jordan, had a billy cart incursion, rugby league clinic and heaps more things!

We did Bike Ed this term and it was really really fun! Our four grade 4 teachers taught us all the skills we needed to know. In Miss Jordan's group we learnt some skills about riding a bike, In Mr Renkin's group we learnt how to ride safley on the road, in Mr Lees's group we got our helmets checked and learnt how to ride safley on different sufaces and finally in Mrs Morris's we learnt how to ride in pairs. When it was our last day of bike ed we got to ride around Leopold. Next term we get to go on bike ed camp at Maldon!

We did heaps of blogging in term two. We also earnt our own blogs. We share a blog with the class 4KM so our blog name is 4KM and 4KJ @ Leopold Primary School. As I said earlier on we earnt our own blogs. With our blog we can approve our comments that we get, write heaps of blog posts and leave comments on other student blogs. Usually once a week in class we all write a blog post. Our teacher chooses the topic and shows us how to write it out. Blogging is so much fun!

It was always fun when we got to do Maths, Literacy and Inquiry. For Maths we focussed on all different things. We did rounding, subitising, addtion, subtraction, vertical addition, vertical subtraction, Mathletics and we also did heaps more! For Literacy we usually did the Literacy Block. Literacy Block is when when we foccuss on our topic that we are going to do, do some independent reading, do some blogging with the class, do our reading groups and after that we do a writing activity and the Literacy block is over. For Inquiry we usually do blogging. I love doing those three topics at school!

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