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Brit Lit I ENGL 211 Dr. Stuart

Need a Tumblr tutorial? Watch this video --

In this class, we'll travel from the beginning of literature in the British Isles to the creation of the British Empire. Exactly who and where we visit is up to you. As a class, you'll pick our readings for the semester. You will also create projects based on class content and facilitate class discussions.

Dr. Stuart Craig 202-A Twitter: @DrBookwyrm Tumblr: mamaprof x4414

Class Requirements: Create a course syllabus. (100 points) Read all assigned readings and write one Tumblr post per week on a reading. Comment on two others' posts per week. (50 points per post; 25 points per comment post.) Create three projects (one per unit). (100 points each) In-class writing and assignments

For complete syllabus, see Tumblr --

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