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authors readers musicians artists scientists mathematicians teachers coaches historians...

unique tenacious confident loyal loved cheerful

Mistakes are O.K. That's how we learn!

Acharacle Primary School...Us.

Questioners Enquirers Researchers Investigators Triers Doers

funny positive HAPPY laughing smiling EPIC

community Feis litter pick up produce show summer fair pantomime christmas nativity visitors to school nursery parents friends Dorlin Pick Fundraising website residential school trips

Thankful Helpful Safe Ambassadors Having fun! Creative Funny Gifts & Abilities Making Friends Co-operating Smart Kind Healthy Decisions Respectful Confident

Thoughtful Kind Compassionate Supportive

clarsach guitar chanter piano Mod tin whistle drums accordian fiddle keyboard singing

shinty football tag rugby swimming cycling golf running athletics rounders cricket dodgeball gymnastics dance zumba triathlon cross country skiing snowboarding tennis

Team Family Friends We belong

Honest Listening Determined Chatting Generous Uniquie United Kind Important Smart Sociable

We care for our environment



We want to make a difference.

We think we are......




Every Person Is Celebrated EPIC

Writers Storytellers Painters Sculpters Sketchers Accurate Spellers Designers Eaters Carers Important

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