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Sir Lucan - the loyal butler

One of the earliest Knights of the Round Table, Sir Lucan is the brother of Sir Bedivere. He acted as King Arthur's butler. Although mostly in the background of stories, he does side with King Arthur in the Arthur/Lancelot dispute and sometimes acts as the messenger between them.

The Death of Arthur: In most tales, Sir Lucan was with Arthur when he died. He did not want his body to be looted on the battlefield, so he and Sir Bedivere moved Arthur to a nearby Chapel.

The Death of Lucan: After removing Arthur to the chapel, Lucan dies. In some stories, he is first asked to give Excaliber back to the Lady of the Lake. In most, though, he dies of wounds from battle. King Arthur embraces him and the pressure causes his wound to rupture, spilling his bowels to the ground and ending his life.

Is it true that Sir Lucan was a master jouster?

Yes, it is!

THE JOUST AGAINST TRISTAM Although Sir Lucan is not associated with many stories except as one of the fighters in the background, there are several episodes in which he participates in a joust. In one particular contest against Tristam, Lucan is seriously injured. In order to save him, he is brought to a chapel. This episode probably acts as foreshadowing for the scene in which Lucan takes Arthur to the chapel after his injury.

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