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I. HISTORY Carbon was discovered by cave people in the earlies of times. It gets its name from the greek word carbos.

II. properties the symbol for carbon is C. At room temperature Carbon is a gas. Carbon can be black or clear. Carbon's mass is 12.01 amu. Carbon's freezing point is 3,550 degrees celcius, and boiling point is 4,827 degrees celcius.

III. Diagram Carbon atoms have 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons. Carbon atoms have 4 valence electrons and need two energy levels for their electrons.

IV. uses Carbon is found in the human body, it is a product of respiration as carbon dioxide. Carbon is found in the air as a gas and in the earth as diamonds and coal. There are many uses for Carbon including jewelry, fuel (coal), and it is also found in paint ball guns.

V. Interesting facts Usually Carbon is not poisonous, but it can be as carbon monoxide. Oddly Carbon is used to shoot paintball guns. Carbon is also found in coral and the shells of oysters. Carbon can bond with itself and its existence has been known of since prehistoric times.

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