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Domains and Kingdoms

Domain Archaea

Domain Bacteria

Domain Eukarya

Kingdom Protista

Kingdom Fungi

Kingdom Plantae

Kingdom Animalia

Esteban Castillo 2/14/13 Period 4

Archaea is made up of archaea. Archaea is one of two prokaryotes. Archaea was first discovered living in extreme enviroments, where other things couldn't survive. The spring in Yellowstone National Park contains a yellow and orange ring around it. That yellow and orange ring contains millions of archaea. Some archeaa can be found in the ocea or mordern enviroments.

Every bacteria species belongs to the domain Bacteria. Bacteria is another kind of prokaryote. Bacteria cand be found in water, soil, and inside the human body. For example, Escherichia coli is a bacteria and is found inside the human intestines. One kind of bacteria can convert milk into yogurt. Then there are some bacteria that can make you sick like pneumonia. There is also bacteria that can fight diseases. Even though bacteria and archaea are prokaryotes, they are different and their characteristics allow them to live in different enviroments.

Organisms who have membrane-bound organelles are called eukaryotes. They are also called eukaryotic cells. The four kingdoms with the domanin Eukarya are Protista, Fungi, Plantae, and Animalia. All of these organisms are in the domain Eukarya.

Protista is commonly called protists. They are single-celled or simple multicellular organisms. Some scientists think that about two million years ago protists evolved from ancient bacteria. Ancient protists gave rise to fungi, plants, and animals much later. The kingdom Protista contains many kinds of organims like protozoa, animal-like protists and algae, plantlike protists.

Some examples of the kingdom fungi are molds and mushrooms. Plants go through photosynthesis and fungi do not. Animals eat food while fungi do not. Instead, fungi get their food by absorbing nutrients from substances in their surroundings. To break down the substances, they use digestive juices to help break down the substances.

Many people recognize the kingdom Plantae. Plantae consists of organims that are eukaryotic, have cell walls, and go through photosythesis. Most plants need sunlight, therfore plants can be found on land and in the water that light can penetrate. It is important that plants make food because they need the nutriants and so do other organisms who get nutrients from plants. Most life on Earth is dependant on plants. Plants also provide habitats for other organisms.

Kingdom Animalia has complex, multicellular organisms that don't have cell walls, are usually able to move around, and have specialized sense organs. Organisms in the kingdom Animalia are commonly called animals. Animals depend on other orgamisms from other kingdoms. Animals depend on plants for food and also depend on bacteria and fungi to recycle nutrients form dead organisms.

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