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School Support Team

RVS Supports & Services

First Referrals

Secondary Referrals

Wrap-Around Services


Cochrane High School Learning Support Team Referral Process


Referral to Outside Agencies

1) LST Student Case Review - develop + implement a plan - set a review date - evaluate success

1) LST Success Plan Meeting - student, parent(s), LST members, other agencies - student pre & post reflection documents - IEPT completed and implemented - set a review date to evaluate success

AVAILABLE SUPPORTS: 1) Learning Centre 2) Supportive Learning 3) Guidance 4) Administration 5) ULE classroom supports

OPTIONS: 1) Psychologist 2) Family-School Liason 3) Learning Specialist 4) Mental Health 5) Other

RVS Psycho-Educational Assessment: -Previous psycho-ed/other assessments/reports -Vision and hearing screening -School-based informal assessments (reading and math) -Anecdotal notes regarding functioning in the school

Private Psycho-Educational Assessment




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