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By: Jessica Johnson

GOAL: To make a tasty cupcake

Input: -People:the cook -Information:the directions on the box -Materials:bowl,ingredients, spatula,measuring cups -Tools and machines:pan, electric mixer, oven, timer -Capital(finance):cost of ingredients, electricity -Time:preparing the cupcake, the actual bake time,and putting on icing

Feedback: -If the cupcake is dry then dont cook as long -If the cupcake is mushy then cook longer -If the cupcake is to sweet then dont put on as much icing -If the cupcake is pretty and yummy then make more

Output: -Desirable:yummy cupcakes that taste and look great -Undesirable:gross cupcakes that taste bad and look ugly -Intended:yummy cupcakes to eat -Unintended:eating them all -Immediate:cupcake is made -Delayed:electric bill goes up, credit card bill goes up

Process: 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees 2. Put paper cups in pan 3. Put ingredients in bowl and mix 4.Pour batter into paper cups 5.Put cupcake batter in oven 6. Put on timer 7. When done cooking take cupcakes out and let cool 8. Put icing on and enjoy

Universal Systems Model: How to make a tasty cupcake

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