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Amerigo Vespucci

Amerigo Vespucci was an explorer from Italy and Spain. He lived from 1454-1512 58 years old when he died. His education was in physics geometry and astronomy. He was an explorer and navigator. He was famous for America was named after him. Vespucci had a connection with Christopher Columbus. There is a statue of him is Florence Italy.

Join me, Amerigo Vespucci on a voyage of America and help me make the first map of America! Vespucci was a map maker who knew how to navigate himself and if you come with me you will be well-taken care of. He was also taught how to read and use maps. You would also like to come with me because I know about physics, geometry, and astronomy. You would be very safe because his dad is a very good sailor. Everyone you should come with me because I know about how to use tool and navigate myself and use maps to help find out about the new world and its surroundings.

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