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Franciso Vasquez de Coronado

Francisco Vasquez De Coronado was an explorer form Spain. He lived from 1510- 1554. He was 44 years old when he died. He had a good education. First he was a soldier. Then he was an explorer. He is famous for being the first European to explore the Southwest of North America in Arizona and New Mexico.

If you are a risk –taker and are curious about the world, you should come with me, Francisco Coronado, for an adventure of a lifetime. I am well educated so I know a lot about sailing and life. That should make you comfortable traveling with me because I know what I’m doing. My family is wealthy so am able to purchase better equipment which will make you feel safe. I am very experienced and I know the sea forwards, backwards and sideways! We will explore many areas when we travel. We will the southeast of America. Your eyes will be drawn out of your head by all that we seen.

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