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Giovanni da Verrazzano

Giovanni de Verazzno was an explorer from Italy and France. He lived from 1485 – 1528.He was well educated. He was a career Italian Explorer and Navigator. He was famous explorer from Italy who explored the north east coast of North America from Cape Fear, North Carolina to Maine.

Join me, Giovanni de Verrazzno and we will explore the coast of north America. I am well-educated because of my family. I learned about the oceans and their risks. I have very good experience at being a sailor and navigating! My family is well –known in Italy. People know and respect me, and I have plenty of money to go around. We will eat like kings. If you come with me, we will find Manhattan and we will be the first Europeans to sail in the New York Bay. If you want to have a feast every night and help me venture the great oceans, then you should tag along and help me with my journey.

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