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Our World

Our names are Andrijana and Djordje. I was born in 2000 and Djodje in 1999. We live in one house. My family is my dad, my mum and my two brothers. Djordje lives with his dad and his grandparents . Our pet is a cat and two hamsters.

Our favorite sport is.... Djordje likes football, swimming, basketball . And I like tennis, swimming, volleyball. Our favourite sportsman is Novak Djokovic. He plays tennis.

Our school is ,,First Primary school''. It's a very big school with 1000 students.My favourite teacher is Maths teacher. His name`s Rade Dobrasinovic.

My friends are Ana , Marija and Antonija. Djordje`s friends are Andrej, Milan, Milos and Stefan.

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