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1. All Living Things Have Cells

By: Aimee Khanchareun Period 6

The Characteristics of Life

3. All Living Things Reproduce

6. All Living Things Grow and Develop

4. All Living Things Have DNA

5. All Living Things Use Energy

2. All Living Things Sense and Respond to Change

An example of responding to change is sweating and shivering, depending on the weather.

Flowers recieve their energy from the sun.

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More info on DNA. CLICK!

All living things reproduce in two different ways: sexual reproduction or asexual reproduction. Most plants and animals reproduce sexually. Single-celled organisms reproduce asexually.

All living things grow. The single cell in a single-celled organism gets larger and divides. An organism with several cells grows because the cells increase and the organism gets larger.

All living things sense and respond to change in different ways. Humans and other organisms need to have stable internal conditions. All living things respond differently to the enviroment around them or any other kind of change. A stimulus is a change that affects how an organism acts.

All living organisms are made up of one or more cells. The cells in a living thing all have different roles. A simple cell is so small that it makes it very difficult to see. A cell membrane protects and surrounds the cells.

The cells of all living things have DNA (deoxryibonucleic acid). When organims reproduce, they are passing copies of their DNA to their offspring. DNA carries the organism's traits.

All living things use energy but for different reasons. Some organisms use energy to change energy into food, to break down food, to make materials into and out of cells, etc. Metabolism is the sum of all of the activities the organism performed.

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