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White,Kristen Fall-1.2012:10179734

Facts about Cognitive Development

Citations Copple,C.,& S.Bredekamp, eds.2009.Devlopmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Programs Seving Children from Birth through Age 8. 3d ed. Washington, DC: National association for the Education of Young Chiildren. Feldman,R.,prepared by Cantu,E.(2010) Development across the life span. Retrieved from h Rodriguez,D.(2011)Why is cognitive development important in preschool?.Revtrieved from

3 year old milestones

4-5 years of age: WHAT'S IN A NAME? Materials: Child's name on laminated card stock play -doh envelope with name and picture printed on the front and cut apart letters inside To begin: -give each child a laminated copy of their name -Let them roll the play-doh to form the letters and lay on top of the laminated card Next: Take the envelope with their picture and name on front. Take the letters out and build the name to match the front of the envelope Finally: Practice the same activitiy with other friends' names

* sorts objects by shape and color *understands meaning of two *Plays make-believe *completes puzzle with 3-4 pieces *identify some colors(Rodriguez,D.,2011)

4-5 year old milestones: *recognizes some letters and sounds *can recall parts of a story *understands same and different *understands concept of counting *can create rhyming words *can describe and label feelings (Carol Copple, Sue Bredekamp;pg.125)

*Preschoolers need practice and support to learn new skills *memory for what they did is better than for what they saw(Feldman,R.,prepared by Cantu,E.,2010). *preschooolers have more symbollic rather than rational thought process *preschoolers have an easier transition to reading than children not in preschool *preschoolers are more prepared to enter Kindergarten. *Preschool-age children learn by playing, listening, watching, asking questions and doing things for themselves(Rodriquez,D.,2011).

*starts to understand the correct way to show emotions *able to balance, jump and hop *able to discriminate words beginning with same sound *follows three part commands

Ages 3-5

I, Kristen White, grant permission to freely publish

Preschool Coognitive Development

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