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Smith Elmentary Going QR Crazy!!!

Kindergarten has been having fun using Qr codes in Math learning songs during Calendar Time to sing 'Count Down to Twenty'. They also sent the Qr Code home in their newsletter so students could practice it at home. On the Kinder website, they have 3 Qr codes for Color Songs the students need to know so they can practice at home as well!

First Grade has been using QR Codes in Math and having lots of fun!

2nd Grade have been using QR Codes in Math during Centers. They created a Tic Tac Toe Math Game and used center cards for addition!

Third Grade used to create a quiz. They then posted the QR codes around the room and had 5 students at a time take the quiz and write their answers on note cards. They had so much fun!

4th Grade Students have been creating their own QR Codes and both Math and Language ARts. The Students have been filming themselves on the ipad uploading to You Tube and then creating a QR code for their video. They have been doing Problem Solving in Math and Book Reviews in Language Arts. Then other students are able to check out their videos.

5th Grade has been using QR Codes all over the school. They used them for Language Arts taking a Poetry Quiz and for several other activities. They used Qr Scavenger hunt which they learned about at Project Inspire.

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