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Child and Youth Worker



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The minimum educational requirement is usually a degree in human services, sociology, or psychology. But usually, salaries are higher for people who have a bachelor degree in one of these areas or a related field like social work.

When you first enter the field, a child and youth maker makes $14.03 an hour. When theyre farther in at working in that casreer, they make $17.18. And an experienced child and youth worker makes $22.38 an hour. Salaries depend on your experience, employer and education.

Child and youth workers counsel students one in one and in group therapy. You have to provide support and information to clients families and write reports about your clients progress. Also, encourage youths to make positive decisions.

Abuse/ Crisis Counselor Addictions Counselor Adoption Counselo Art/ MUsic Therapist Bereavment Counselor Career Counselor Correctional Officer Early Childhood Educator

Child and Youth workers work with troubled children who go through a lot at home or in their life. A lot of children they work with have anger and depression issues. Child and youth worker spend a lot of one on one time with children and a lot of group counseling to let kids express feelings and opinions with other teens.

Child and youth workers work in agency offices, emergency shelterss, or wherever family treatment centers are based. Children live in group homes because they cant live with their family. Child and youth workers need to deal with breaking up violent confrontations, and angry teens. Its a very good job but can also be very stressful.

Level 1: Probationary Youth Worker Earnings: $18,000 to $25,000 a year Requirements: High school diploma, volunteer experience working with children Responsibiliteies: Assisting with mentoring, literacy and health programs. Level 2: Youth Counselor Earnings: $25,000 to $40,000 a year Requirements: Assoiciate degree in human services or a related era Responsibilites: Individual and group counseling, keeping records, organizing referalls to other social services. Level 3: Earnings: $35,000 to $50,000 a year Requirements: Bachelors or masters degree in psychology, social work or related era, experience aasa youth counselor Responsibilities: individual and youth counseling, doing administrative work, over seeing staff, developing new programs.

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