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Q: Why is it relevant? A: Both social media and gamification are growing. Combining the two indicates that that, perhaps, "social gamification" will receive a massive boost in growth.

Q: What effects does it have? A: Attaching gamification experiences to Twitter could yield some new, interesting ideas for games and apps. For example, there could be a spelling game/app that asks students to spell words. Then, like Fast 140, there could be a scoreboard that shows the class average, the individual's average, etc.

Twitter Teaches Typing

Q: Who does this affect? A: Twitter users who want to improve their WPM.

Q: Is this event game-changing? A: Not particularly, but it's a good WPM improvement tool.

Q: What/who was involved? A: Fast 140 and Twitter.

View Fast 140 by clicking here!

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