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Mrs. B and class 5B

Hi, we are 5B, we live in Victoria, our teacher’s name Mrs B. We’re excited to be on the pass the blog we have experience in blogging because we have our own blog, ( please feel free to comment.

Once a year the class separates into small groups of 2-4 students and they give us a chance to play a certain family of instruments for a few weeks e.g. strings, brass, percussion etc

A few days after the Olympics we had our own mini Olympics the whole primary was involved, each class got a country, our country was Canada, we made flags and posters, some people in our class got chosen to be flag bearers and torch bearers after that for 3 lessons (2 hours) we got 12 events and each event was scored differently e.g. hurdles, over and under and weaving in and out of cones in hockey and soccer. At the end France won and we came 6th in primary.

On Purim (a Jewish festival) we all dress up in a costume chosen out of a hat, the year 5 theme was books and our class got Harry Potter. Everyone left school that day with a big smile on their face, there were fun games like shaving balloons trying not to pop it and a jumping castle and slide (both giant).

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