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First villages were Jericho in Israel and Catal Huyuk in present day Turkey

Paleolithic Neolithic Old Stone Age New Stone Age

Fossils are preserved traces of plants or animals

Early Humans

Artifacts are things made by humans

Domestication is the taming of plants and animals

Technology is the tools and methods to help humans perform tasks

Paleolithic: Neolithic * Hunter-Gatherers * Learned to grow food * Nomadic * Domesticated animals * Made stone tools * settled in one place * Learned to make fire * Built villages * Spoken Language * Job Specialization * Cave Paintings * copper tools

Historians study and write about the human past.

Archaeologists hunt for buried evidence.

Anthropologists focus on human society.

Stone Age Facts: * Stone Age period: 2.5 million B.C. - 8000 B.C. * Paleolithic people were the first to use technology to create tools made of flintstone, wood, and bone. * Early people expressed themselves in cave paintings which may have religious meaning. * Historians call the changes in the Neolithic Age the farming revolution and consider it the most important event in human history.

Revolution Great Changes

Iceman found in the Alps.!!!!!!!!! Named Otzi.

Shout Out! Resources: YouTube, MrDonn, and Heathers Animations

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