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This glog was created by Madison Bates

Eggs Chickens usully lay 1-3 eggs every day, if you think about that it's almost 21 eggs a week. If you have more than one chicken (thats recomended) you get even more eggs. If you get an overflow of eggs you could sell them to your neighbors or at a local farmers market.

Chicks If your going to start caring for a chicken when it's a chick than you need to clear your schedual for probubly the first 4 weeks. This because they need to be constantly monitored. Baby chicks need to be indoors (like in a garage or basement) for 5 or more weeks. This is because chicks can easly be caught by preditors.

Why should you should get a chicken?

For a complete online care guide for chickens click here.

Chickens aren't very sensitive animals. You can get certain breeds that like cold or hot weather. If you have left over table scraps (Be resonable don't give a chicken sugar or meat) you can give them to your chicken.

To find out what chicken breeds are right for you click here.

Chicken Coops For 1 chicken there should be almost 4 square feet of room in a coop. A coop should have a resting pole, a place for food and water, and a nesting space for laying eggs. The coop doesnt halve to be to complacated for your chicken becuase they don't spend a lot of time in the coop. You can let them graze in your yard. (the yard has to be fenced in so the chickens can't escape and predtiors can't get in)

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