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ECMP 355 Final Reflection - Denine Peterson

Technology can change your life... if you let it.

There is no better way to understand... the Read/Write Web than by becoming a part of it. -Will Richardson

Determining what to believe - or to not believe [on the Web] - is a matter of trust. You... determine for yourself who to trust about what. -Stephen Downes

Links are Gifts - Dean Shareski

Mental Notes: Keep creating (Alan Levine) Get a better password system so you don't have to get new ones resent to you all the time Remember - teachers are held to higher standards on and off line

We no longer have to be alone unless we want to. - Dean Shareski

If kids are sharing their work with the world they want it to be good. If they share it with [just] you they want it to be good enough. - Rushton Hurley

It's not as essential to know what the answer is as it is to know where to find it. - Will Richardson

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