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Promising Practices Cindy Willits 2011-12

I have put together some of my best glogs to showcase what I did this year using digital media. I used GLOGSTER for the first time this year. I use Camtasia for the first time this year. (end of year!) I performed science experiments and videoed them for my students this year. I also embedded these glogs into Blackboard - used them as end of unit summiaries - used them as announcements and also helped to create our Wiki space - also first time this year! ! We even had students post to the WIKI themselves this year! Thanks to Tara! And became a moderator for School Tube and made LOTS of videso there too!! And created a .wbd file of a new tool to deconstruct and web open-ended questions- above! This year was a first for me with a lot of digital media - I even downloaded and sang to an MP3 file for my students this year - R E G I S T R A T I O N Time, Come on! It was a lot of "firsts" for me this year and it was wonderful to use these tools! Enjoy!

Both of these glogs used video before, during and after labs, as well as have the worhsheets and elluminate recorded links embeded!

Space Seeds- sent seeds to students, held live sessions, used Google Survey to track growth!

Lung Model- Used Camtasia to edit the Elluminate session - 1st time use!

Registration Video - uploaded to School tube and sent all over!

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