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Whatever your age, learn these words: Jing Ping Ning SurveyMonkey

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The Mind Will NOT be Denied Information. It is like a Knowledge Sponge. Feed it Good Food and You Become Strong ... Bad Food and You Become Sick. It is That Simple. Eventually if your mind becomes sick or damaged they will call Dr. Salgado to come and see why you are Acting Funny! My Grandson, 7 years old, believes I will be able to KNOW WHAT HE THINKS NOW. He told His friends and they are all afraid of me.

It All Depends Upon the Educators You Are The Key!

Greetings to my Mini Portfolio My name is Rebecca Sharpe-Salgado. I currently hold two BA's: Psychology & Business, as well as an MA in Education in Technology. I will be entering my PhD shortly in Clinical NeuroPsychology. I hope to also hold some sort of degrees in Genetics & Nano Technology. Part of the PhD is being able to teach. The most urgent thing I see needed in Education at the moment is to train the Educators in the field of Technology so that they will feel comfortable teaching their students this subject.


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