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Step 3: Watch this video


Paraphrasing and quoting are the same. True or False?

If anything is unclear, visit Purdue Owl for more information.

Step 1: Take a quick quiz to review paraphrasing. How much do you remember? Click the butterfly to find out.

Step 2: Now read through a short lecture and check your paraphrasing skills again. Click the moving vine to get there.

Step 4: Use what you have learned about paraphrasing to complete this activity. Click the flower to begin.

Step 5: Now, as a group, design a Glog poster to teach students how to paraphrase. Be sure to included all the important steps, tips and examples. For a Glog tutorial click the little bee and for a sample Glog poster click the flamingo.

Time for Kids

Congratulations you have reached the end of the lesson!

Beijing Today

Faze Teen

Step 6: Create a Kidblog post including a link to an English article online, three sentences copied directly from the article, and paraphrases of the copied text. Finally, comment on the paraphrases of two other students in the form of Kidblog comments.

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