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Nose vs Brain

State the Problem Does the smell of gum effect the brains answer time?

Our hypothisis was wrong because we thought the people who smelled the gum would do worse than the people who smelled nothing but they didnt and the people who did the smelled mint did the best.

First, We are going to pull eight fifth graders out of class. Then ask four of them smelling mint and the other four will smell nothing them one question and record their time. Next we will pull four sixth graders fom class and ask them a question with them smelling juicy fruit.

The varible we will control is the amount of students we use. The varible we will change is the types of gum we use

We learned that the mint gum was the strongest smelling gum. The big idea was that the less you smell the worse you do and the more you smell the better you do.

Our data tells that mint did the best and juicy fruit didnt do so well. The people who didn't smell anything did the worse.

We see that the kid who smelled the mint had the lowest time of all so far. We see that the kids who smelled juicy fruit didnt do worse.

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