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Tornado Tube!

State the problem-Does the amount of wind affect the destruction a tornado causes.

Hypothesis-We bet the vortex method will make the tornado last longer.

Identify and control the Variables-Control The amount of water in the bottle (2 liters) Change-Methods of making the tornado Vortex (counter clockwise) Glug Glug (up and down)

Procedure- 1. Fill bottle with water. 2. Attach two liter bottles with metal washer. 3. Do the glug glug method which is to turn it up and down. 4. Repeat step 3 but turn it counter clockwise. 5. Compare data between the two methods of making the tornado.

Interpret your data: The vortex method average was more than the glug-glug method because the vortex made it spin longer.

Conclusion: Over all the vortex method was the best method and are hypothesis was correct.

Theory: Spinning the bottle counter clockwise will make the tornado spin longer.

Observations: Water bubbles form when we flip it.But sometimes it would look like a tornado

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