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Blonde vs Black Hair

State The Problem does the hair coler mater in how much a pearson can memorize.

Conclusion Our hypothesis was wrong because we thought the people who had black hair would remeber more than people who have blonde hair. we thought this because of the blonde myth.

Theroy we learned that the blonde myth was wrong because blondes memoroized more than the black haired did. we learned that people should not judge blonde haired people because of there hair color.

Interpret the Data the data tells us that out of six people who are blonde and black haired the three people who are blonde remebered more words that the black haired people

Observations we saw that both the blondes and blacks had trouble memorizing the words and writeing the words

Hypothesis We think that people who have blonde hair wont memorize as much as the black haird people.

test the hypothesis frist we will pick how many people we want to use blondes and blacks. then we will make a list of words that we will show them. then they will memorize the list. then will write the words down. we will compare the blondes and blacks

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