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The Jellybean taste test

Problem: Can a person identify the flavor of a jellybean without looking?

theroy: we learned that some flavors are eaiser to identify then others because some are sweeter then others.

Test your Hypothesis:First we placed the jelly beans into the bags and then blindfolded our test subject.We had them taste the jellybean whille holding there nose

Interpret your data; It was hard for people to tell the diffrence between grape and strawberry . But people recognized lemon very easy. But when people smelled the lemon they often thought it was grape.

Hypothisis:We think most people would'nt be able to identify the flavor because most flavors taste the same except for lemon

Variables:The jellybeans and plastic bags will stay the same. But diffrent people tested.

observations; We noticed that the lemon was th eiasest to identify in 2/3 of the testing. stawberry was the hardest in all of them then grape was easy in 1/3 of the.

conclusion ; our hypothesis was correct because it was hard for people to identify grape and strawberry.

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