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Carbination Domination

The problem is which soda will go the highest.

Hypothesis we think the reguler sodas will go higher then diet.

The materials needed are mentos mt dew ,coke ,root beer,dr peeper.also i need rulers.

Observations: Regular coke went higher then diet coke with a total of 50in. Diet coke only had 34in. They used the same amount of soda. Regular MT. dew did not go higher than its diet with a total of 15in. Diet MT. dew had a total of 35in. Regular Dr. pepper had 46in. Diet Dr. pepper had 36in. Regular Root Beer had 46in. Diet Root Beer had 45in.

Interpretation of data. The data tells us that regular coke has the most carbination.

After more reasearch we found that the amount of sugar does not efect the amount of carbination. This surprised us because our reasearch sudgested otherwise so what did cause regular to go higher.

Our hypothesis was correct. Regular soda went higher. The only regular that did not go higher was Moutin Dew witch was'nt even close.

First step to put soda beside tree. second step is to put the mentos in the soda. third step use a tape measurer to see how high the soda went. fourth step record .fifth step review the data.

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