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Welcome to The Chemical Bunnies' Science Fair Project!

The Theory The theory is that most boys had a hard time with the experiment because most girls had a better average. The big idea is that girls are more flexible.

The Conclusion Our hypothesis was correct because the girls had a higher average than the boys.

Hypothesis: We think girls will be more flexible because they do more flexible sports like dance and gymnastics. Also, they are more slenderly built.

Observations I see they have to reach forward as far as they can and the girl’s seem to be doing better than the boys.

Test Your Hypothesis 1.)Find a flat wall 2.)Sit on the floor with your feet against the wall 3.)Keep your feet together and legs straight 4.)Bend forward at the hips with your fists closed reach for the wall 5.)Measure how far they reached 6.)Do it with everyone 7.)Compare lengths

Variables The variables we will control is the activity. We will not control the gender.

Interpret Your Data That the girls are more flexible than boys because the girls' average was 26.8 inches. The boys' average is 22.4 inches.

Problem: Who's more flexible? Guys or Girls?

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