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Diet or Regular

Procedure/Test your hypothesis: First, a person will drink either diet or regular and they will drink the opposite and they will tell us which is which. We will write down what they guess.

Variables: The variables we will control are the volunteers. We will change is the type of sodas we will use.

State The Problem: We want to see the diffrence between diet and regular soda.

Hypothesis: We think that they will not be able to know which is regular soda and which is diet.

Interpret your data: We found out that they could equally tell that it was diet or regular.

Observations: The first volunteer was able to taste that it was diet Pepsi but the second time could not tell it was Coca Cola. The second volunteer could not tell between diet and regular Dr. Pepper. Then the third volunteer could tell it was regular Coca Cola he could also tell it was diet Pepsi.

Conclusion: We were half right because there was an equal amount of times they got it right and wrong.

Theory: The idea was thar some kids could tell if it was regular or diet and some couldn't.

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