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•Theory: We learned that the diver fell slower in the soda because of the carbonation.

Cartesian Divers

Cartesian Divers

Problem: Will the "Diver" fall fastest in water, milk, soda, or orange juice?

We thought the diver would fall slowest in water because its not as thick.

•Test the hypothesis: 1)Cut the dropper to 1 millimeter. 2) Tape the bolt to the thin end. 3) Fill the bottle ¾ full with liquid. 4) Insert divers and squeeze the bottle. 5) Time the fall 3 times and average them. 6) Repeat the steps 1-5 with different liquids.

•Identify and control the variables: Change=Liquids, Control=How divers are made and the amount of liquid.

•Interpret your data: It fell fastest in the milk. It fell slowest in the soda.

•Observations: We noticed that in the soda the diver sank then rose.

•Conclusion: We were wrong because the diver fell slowest in the soda.

•Further wonderings: I wonder if the pulp made a difference or not. We also wonder if chocolate milk would have made a difference.

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